Saturday, December 31, 2011

And Now I'm Home

Home again it's clear! All I ever wanted, seems to be right here!
I'm Finally back in the great city of New York just time for the celebrations! I hope everyone has a great night! Don't get too smashed! Happy New Year!!!

yes, he does make that face in the video. look it up.


  1. I reckon I drank the perfect amount last night..not too hungover today

    I follow back

  2. Had a great night indeed, just wish that I, too, could live in New York, I'm so jealous of that ;(

  3. Same as Infinite. I wish I live in New York.

  4. + 1 for new york
    let's move to mckraken's house

  5. Dude I'd be game! Join in on the fun! If you guys are ever in New York, Send me a message! I'd love to meet someone.