Friday, January 6, 2012

Persona 4

To anyone interested, there is a Anime that is currently being subbed episode by episode. The story is actually really cool, the characters hilarious, and the writing,  although sometimes kinda "engrish-y",  is truly brilliant. It's based on a video game that came out for the Playstation 2.
The show is called Persona 4.
To anyone interested, there's only 12 episodes out so far and they're still coming out, slowly but surely.
It's a great show and I'm certain you'd enjoy it even if you don't really enjoy animes.  It's about a bunch of kids who try to solve a mystery by going inside televisions and fighting these shadow figures and saving victims of kidnapping cases that have been happening around their local area.

Hope you guys enjoy. It can be found here:

Happy friday!


  1. This looks promising. Will check it out.
    And I like your blog.+following

  2. never knew there was an anime of the persona franchise. +following :)