Thursday, December 1, 2011

Anger is simply energy that life sends you. How you deal with it is your choice.

So in the recent past, I started a blog. Interesting how it's tough to get into the habit of writing. This so far has essentially been a lonely journal to myself, but it's good for me to get my thoughts down. I might get better at it as I go.  It is funny, however, that the human mind has the capacity to learn simply by working it's own thoughts out.

(edit)This was quite a mopey post. I decided to get rid of most of it on the fact that most of it was just pointless babble you would probably hate me for. But I promise these will brighten up. If someone happens upon this, send me a message or two. Tell me what I should write about... [edit v.2]
On a brighter note, THE CROW. Old movie. Old story. Great comic book. Look it up.

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