Monday, December 12, 2011

Short and simple

Here's a few musicals that I've come to love recently.
They're not new, but they are good.

The Story of My Life
A musical about a man and his best friend. The story starts with him writing his friend's eulogy.
His friend appears in the library that they're in and helps him write it. They go through all of the stories they have from their childhood and through growing up. Great show about friendship that is really touching.

I love you Because
A simple love story in New York. It's really funny and touching with songs about breakups and the technicalities of getting over them. I highly recommend this one.

*Apologies for the size of the picture

My Favorite Year
A story about Benjy Stone, a 19 year old amateur writer for a famous television broadcasting company in 1954. He gets the chance to work with his childhood hero, a washed up actor named Alan Swann. It's full of mishaps, shenanigans and the latter. A fantastic musical that's just a joy to listen to. I got to perform a song from here in class for about a month and enjoyed every minute of it. 
That's all for now. I might do this every so often.

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