Monday, February 20, 2012

Off to the Races Again.

So I'm off to school once more. The adventures seemed to pass by quickly, but quite a bit happened this weekend and I'm gonna try and cover that in a post soon here in the future. But I'm off to school again as of this morning. So here I go!
In somewhat random news, there's a band that I was recently introduced to called Caleb Lionheart. They're not the greatest band in the world, but I thoroughly enjoyed a performance by them and they managed to make a fan of me. But here's a song of theirs called Make Believe. Tell me what you think!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

A dud.

Well, I completed none of the games on my game list. Although I did get some ground covered in Half Life 2. I HAD done some work in Skyrim, only to have 5 hours of play through suddenly be lost because of a save error. welp! that's how it goes!

Friday, February 17, 2012

And here I am back from my trip to Lodi, New Jersey! I went with my doppelganger Austin Axel Zeno, the baddest ass this side the Mississippi.  Although it's for a short time for I'm simply commuting back over to Long Branch in just a few moments! So this is me checking in. Hope everyone had a great week!


Saturday, February 11, 2012

sad day

so unfortunately, just cause 2 can't run on my compy.
Anyone got a game worth replacing that on the list?

Game list

With a week of nothing, I've decided to put together a game list of games I must finally finish now that I have time. So I share it with you here.

This is the list in order of importance:
1) E.S. IV: Skyrim
2) Half Life 2: Episode 2
3) Half Life
4) Just Cause 2

I figure it shouldn't be too difficult. 
It's a one week break so I have plenty of time to try and finish. 
Wish me luck!
I'll keep you guys posted on my progress.

Friday, February 10, 2012

If any of you who read the previous post are truly curious, there's a really interesting report that I read.

It's called the ladder theory. It's all about how women and men behave around each other and the way relationships form and function.
Great read for anyone really. Or at least I would think so. It's slightly biased against women though so girls beware.

Here's the link:
pretty straightforward.



"Many women want to argue this point and say things like " I have lots of guy friends." Maybe. There are exactly 3 cases Intellectual Whores has identified whereby a guy and a girl can be friends:

1. The guy is gay
2. The guy does not find you attractive
3. The guy already has a woman much higher than you on the ladder

Even Nietzsche knew this. Most guys know this intuitively. Most girls doubt. I have a challenge for all of you girls who still doubt. Pick a guy who does not meet any of the criterion on the above list that you think is your friend. Then ask yourself this question: If you were both alone at his place one night, and you excused yourself to the bathroom and came out naked and asked him to have sex with you would he:

1. Tell you he doesn't want to risk the beautiful friendship you have created with messy physical entanglements.

2. Comply.

...this only works if you are honest with yourself. Number one is of course something that guys hear all the time. Intellectual Whores refers to it as the Kiss of Death. It is more likely that he will jump you eagerly."

Came across this today. Discuss.

Just out of curiousity...

Does anyone following this blog live anywhere near the New York metro?
I figured I'd ask.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Explorers are we.

I've had a very super crazy eventful two days. Last night, my great great friend Shaun Kincaid ad I walked around New York City at 1 in the morning. From 70th, to 40th, to the East side, to 103rd, then cutting through central park and walking south back home. It was awesome! took 3 and a half hours and we saw a ton of cool stuff, ranging from random hole in the wall novelty shops, white castles, and crazies that walk down the street.

Something we passed on this adventure was Rodney Dangerfield's old comedy club. HOLY SHIT. This was really cool to me. That place gave hundreds of comedians their start.
Anyhow, this is the first of my adventures. More to come I promise.

My friends and I are planning a complete 24 hour trip like the one I just explained. we will leave home at 8 and explore for 24 full hours. It's gonna be great.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Some of you may find this as either interesting, misled, outlandish, or you might think it's a topic that is kind of iffy, but I want to consider an idea.

Let us say that a man, whom has been with one other woman for his entire romantic life. He knows nothing of anyone else. Now this relationship, which has gone on for years and landed on topics of marriage and other perspectives like that, suddenly ends.
The man is heartbroken and is practically been emotionally beaten from the hurt.

Now introduce a woman who is in a "similar" boat. But she is hindered by a different influence. Alcohol.

Some people make foolish choices when drunk. That's true. But I want to ask how some of you might feel about this topic:

Could a negative emotion be as mentally inebriating to someone as the influence of alcohol can?
I mean we call it "rebounding". but could that simply be the term we've given to that type of occurrence?

Just a thought.

Finals are dooooneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

I'm flyin' high, and you are too. Life is expanding, forever giving way to growth and power. Our possibilities are limitless and our strength the same. We keep going wherever the wind takes us and soon our destination will reveal itself. Rock on.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Sleep? Where we're going, we don't need sleep.

Finals are kicking my ass but otherwise, I'm still alive. I promise.
I apologize for the long period of time that it has been between posts.
I haven't had much free time on my hands lately and I figured I would ride out the semester and then start blogging again at the end of the term. I have 4 more days then I'm done, so grit your teeth and bear with me everyone! I'll be sure to log in some amazing stories over the course of my special that I want to call, my TWO FULL WEEKS OF NOTHING SOUPALOOPA EXTRAVIGANZA! It'll be great. But for now, here's a picture of the first thing that "azsxdcvfgbhjk" finds on google.

I'm not joking either. Google it yourself if you want.