Sunday, December 18, 2011

A White Christmas

After a long day yesterday, I'm home for the hollidays in grand old Yakima, Washington.
It's fine to see all of my family and friends.
I even get to see my grandparents off before they leave south! I got to see my god mother, Donna! :] Which was wonderful. Uncle Chris, Wish I could've caught you  while we were there. I love you guys!

Anyway, it looks like a nice two weeks of being home enjoying home. I plan on relaxing a lot. Let's see how much I update. Sorry if it's not much.



  1. Lucky you! It's 60 degrees today in STL! It was 50 or so on Christmas. This "Winter" is ridiculous! We normally are getting dumped on with ice and snow and never going above 32 around the end of November on through February, but we've only seen like 3 days below freezing this year so far.

  2. In Washington, we are sitting in about that range too We have 43 today. I think it was a little lower on Christmas. When I got home from school over on the East coast, there wasn't any snow on either fronts. The weather over the course of the past 5 years has been strangely bipolar.