Friday, January 20, 2012

What is love? Baby don't hurt me. Don't hurt me. No more.

As a kid I was always a hopeless romantic. I was constantly questioning the idea of love. How it was felt, expressed, or discovered.
Even now, I have about the same understanding on the subject as I had before then. Nothing.
Love is just an enigma to me. It's quickly moving, fading, popping up in the oddest of places, and always introducing you to a new point of view in the world.

That's another thing that I've noticed! Love doesn't always make you notice people! It can make you notice how the wind blows. How the sun shines on a building face and reflects onto the ground. Or it can make you have a new interest. A passion can be ignited.

Maybe love isn't an emotion. Could it be simply your heart speaking to you?  Just telling you what it wants to try? There are plenty of times when a passion pulls me to something new and I didn't like it that much. Maybe that was my heart saying it wanted to try. Then, just as fast as the feeling appeared, it was gone.

Who knows. There's my philosophy for the day.

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  1. love is a weird thing for sure.. the first girl i ever cared about pops up in my dreams all the time, like Maude from Inception. Its messed up

  2. Been there... You just don't let them hurt you.

  3. Yeah, it's really tough to define it.

  4. Of all the things I've ever contemplated about, love is most confusing to me. Always nice to hear someone else's thoughts about it.