Sunday, January 22, 2012

In today's news, Magic the gathering is the shit. Also, it's a great weekend to hang with friends and be awesome like I know you are.

Snow finally arrived on the grounds of NYC and I couldn't be happier. The snow is absolutely gorgeous and Now, I'm very much in the Christmas spirit. So screw you Earth for being a month behind.
Anyhow... uh. Tell me how your weekend was. If you haven't told anyone yet, you might as well tell someone!

Some ants toot, Klanky


  1. you know I actually just bought a fat pack like a couple weeks ago, I too was reminded of the awesomeness
    somehow I kinda fell by the wayside after mirroden which was amazing btw
    and it's only fitting it would bring me back with what was it shards of mirroden? yeah

    time to break out the myr matrix and go to town

  2. Glad to see you used the term "Christmas spirit"! Don't let the liberal "politically correct" campaign garbage steer you from the path of God!!


  3. Having snow in the tri-state area was nice for a change, wasn't it? Too bad it rained today. :(