Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Some of you may find this as either interesting, misled, outlandish, or you might think it's a topic that is kind of iffy, but I want to consider an idea.

Let us say that a man, whom has been with one other woman for his entire romantic life. He knows nothing of anyone else. Now this relationship, which has gone on for years and landed on topics of marriage and other perspectives like that, suddenly ends.
The man is heartbroken and is practically been emotionally beaten from the hurt.

Now introduce a woman who is in a "similar" boat. But she is hindered by a different influence. Alcohol.

Some people make foolish choices when drunk. That's true. But I want to ask how some of you might feel about this topic:

Could a negative emotion be as mentally inebriating to someone as the influence of alcohol can?
I mean we call it "rebounding". but could that simply be the term we've given to that type of occurrence?

Just a thought.


  1. Yes it can. Nothing can fuck you up like woman...
    been there...

  2. And yeah, alcohol is newer the right way...

  3. yes, i`d agree with that. alchohol can be a bit more creative though.